17 Days is Coming!


The annual 17 Days Festival, hosted by Arts Greensboro, is coming soon! The event will take place from September 11th-27th, with the National Folk Festival kicking off the fun from September 11th-13th.

If you’ve never been to 17 Days in Greensboro, there is truly something for everyone. The festival is a unique experience that fuels the Greensboro arts market and celebrates the creativity of our community. Dance, art, theatre, music…17 Days has it all. Whether you are an arts guru or just looking for something fun and new to do in Greensboro, the 17 Days Festival is definitely for you….and there are 17 whole days to venture out and experience it!

Be sure to stay tuned for more information about the events being offered during the 17 days as well as specials and prize giveaways online at their website.

If you are looking to get involved in a bigger way and host an event during the 17 Days Festival, event submissions are now being accepted online!


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