FIRE UP 611!

611 is expected to Fire up North Carolina Communities with Millions in Economic Impact.  611 is a steam passenger locomotive that will make a historic return to the rails in the Spring with a stop in Greensboro, NC.  All are invited to experience this train first hand on April 21st at the Depot in Downtown Greensboro for this one day special appearance.  Stay tuned for more information at

The Norfolk & Western Class J 611 is the finest American locomotive ever made.  A marriage of beauty and power, her simple lines, bullet nose, midnight black façade, Tuscan stripe and baritone whistle make her the most distinguished steam locomotive in the world.  Designed, constructed and maintained in Roanoke, Virginia, the streamlined Class J locomotives have captivated the hearts of rail fans worldwide since they first rolled out of the N&W Roanoke Shops in 1941.  The Class J 611 Locomotive was built in 1950.  Find out more at



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