Wiseman Aquarium Opens at Science Center

The parking lot was practically full 20 minutes before the ceremony even began. Swarms of reporters and families took over the place! Cameras were flashing from every direction and videographers did their best to get a good angle for the big moment. No one wanted to miss the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Wiseman Aquarium at the Greensboro Science Center.

On Wednesday March 15th, I was able to attend the aquarium extension opening along with many others. CEO, Glenn Dobrogosz, gave an excellent speech informing everyone about the incredible transformation and recognized all the generous donors who made this possible!

The Wiseman Aquarium is truly something special. Packed full of exotic species such as jellyfish and venomous fish, this new addition takes the one of the city’s main attractions to the next level. Opportunities for experiential learning and unique observatories are just a few of the fantastic features.

Being able to witness such an important day for the Greensboro Science Center was a true treat. Seeing the happiness flood from people of all ages was just another reminder of how incredible this place is. Be sure to go checkout the Wiseman Aquarium along with the many other sites of the Greensboro Science Center!


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